Credit based Eco Housing model for Rural areas of India

Providing adequate shelter for its rural population continues to be a major challenge. Development Alternatives in collaboration with Fondazione FEM Onlus did an action research project on ‘credit-based eco housing for the rural populate of Bundelkhand region” in central India, which aimed towards provision of low coast eco-friendly housing for working poor through ecosystem approach.

During this project, an innovative model for provisioning of eco-housing solutions for rural poor was piloted. The focus of the project was on four essential elements: availability of technology and efficient delivery mechanisms; capacity building of artisans and communities; market creation and awareness for eco-building products; and availability of appropriate credit linkages for eco-construction. Several unique interventions for easing access to housing for rural working poor like formation of joint liability groups, initiation of ‘Build Together Pay Together’ process and introduction of ‘bridge financing’ were adopted in the project.

TARA Karigar Mandal

TARA Karigar Mandal

The paper deals with the project case study and details the process innovations pioneered in the project, the benefits achieved through these innovations and the learning from the project. Based on this case study, the paper would also details the mechanisms necessary for scaling the model for wider dissemination in Indian populace.

To read the entire paper, click on Credit based Eco Housing model for Rural areas of India.

This paper was published in the Indian Buildings Congress Journal, Volume Twenty Three, Number One, 2016 under the Seminar on Use of New Technologies in Construction of Affordable Housing. It has received the IBC Award for Best Paper Presented during the Mid Term Session and National Seminar held at Raipur on 20-21 May, 2016.

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