Means of Implementation: Role of technology, finance, and institutions


Creating a sustainable future for the Nation means that all the spheres of human activity – economic, social, environmental, governance and, above all, value systems – must function together at a whole new level of coherence and synergy. Previous trialogue 2047 discussions have explored the principles of designing a national development strategy that would make possible a better life for all our citizens, now and in the future. The fifth discussion on Means of Implementation starts our exploration of what it will take to implement these concepts and to initiate the transitions needed in each of the spheres.

To support the nation’s efforts to eradicate poverty and put India on the path of sustainable, resilient and meaningful development for all, we need first to identify the most effective points of leverage or strategic means of implementation that will bind and mutually reinforce all the transitions and help overcome structural barriers such as sectoral territories and barriers, systemic lock-ins and actual market failures, etc. Means of implementation are often described as an interdependent mix of financial resources, technology development and transfer, capacity building, trade, regional integration, as well as the creation of a national enabling environment. Today’s discussion is therefore intended to focus on the urgent need for policy coherence among particularly three of these, namely technology, finance, and governance:

Technology innovation for

  • Solutions to the problems of the citizens at the bottom of the pyramid
  • Creation of sustainable jobs and livelihoods
  • Decoupling resource use from human wellbeing and the economy
  • Enhancing accountability

Financial and fiscal innovation for

  • Restoring a healthy balance among land, labour and capital
  • Promoting sustainable consumption
  • Supporting clean technologies and production systems
  • Regenerating and restoring natural capital

Institutional innovation for

  •  Leveraging responsiveness of local government for equity and justice
  •  Enhancing local participation and social accountability
  •  Better balance between bottom up participation and top down planning to ensure synergy between the local and the national

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